Dr Boules Opening Speech

I would like to thanks Mr Rob Mitchell Fedral MP for McEwan for his kind speech and we are pleased to have him attending the opening of the clinic. I would like to talk about the great staff we have, first of all my friend and business partner Dr Ashraf Zakhary who had a great role in planning and bringing our vision to the reality we see today due to his exceptional attention to details and passion to provide the community with the best medical service and structuring the work environment to be friendly to the staff to feel that this place is their own giving their best. He has great experience as a GP working in country Victoria the last 12 years, his special interest is chronic diseases management ,diabetes and weight management. Our practice manager Mrs Nadia Siciliano who is a  very experienced business manager and definitely had her strong input with putting things together to look the way they look now and we are confident she will be great in her role and looking forward to working with her. Dr  Mihaela Guguila with her remarkable and diverse experience with pain management ,cosmetic medicine and surgery we are glad to have her as a valuable member of our medical team. Dr Rashmi Kumble who we are sorry not to have her today with us as she is overseas but she is definitely a big addition to our medical crew. Our lovely receptionists Rebecca Lamitta and Fiona welcome to our team, your work is very valuable and appreciated  and our wonderful nurse Carly who no doubt we will keep very busy. I would like to thank every single one of you ladies and gentlemen , I know most of you drove a long distance in this hot day to share our joy with us in the opening and to show your support. We are grateful to you. We would like to take the opportunity to invite you all to tour our clinic as it will be our pleasure to show you around. Thank you everyone.