Dr Zakhary’s Opening Speech

Good afternoon everyone, and honourable Mr. Rob Mitchell Federal member for McEwen, ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome to the Riverstone Medical practice’s grand opening.
What a great honour to have you all here to share the celebration with us.
It’s been a long journey with many challenges to come to this moment.
It all started with the passion and commitment to provide high quality of health care for the Doreen community.
Our practice has been specifically designed to provide the community with advanced medical and health care utilising the latest technology and equipments.
We are a team of dedicated medical professionals with great extended experience in different areas . Our aim is to bring to Doreen community the general practice with its main purpose which is providing patient centred; continuing, holistic and comprehensive health care to individuals, families and the community.
Our practice will provide all aspects of general practice including managements of chronic diseases, women and men health; child health ,mental health and all other aspects of general practice.
We have onsite Melbourne pathology. We also have a seperate Skin cancer and cosmetic clinic (Dermfocus clinic) which will be operated by doctors with extensive experiences.
Very soon we will have Allied health team as well.
Our team at the Riverstone Medical Practice are friendly, efficient and dedicated to bring the high quality of service and assistance.
We are excited to be a part of this community and we would like to grow together.
On behalf of the Riverstone Medical Practice team, I’d like to express our appreciation to Mr. Rob Mitchell, who honoured us with his presence to share this event.
A big thank you to the people who supported us along the journey of setting up the practice. Especially Mr. Philip Grimsey and his team, Mr. Andrew Mercuri, Mr Daniel Stefanetti, and Mr Stuart Grimsey, without your dedication and great support, we wouldn’t be here today.
I’d like to thank Ms Stephanie McGrath and Ms Kristen Vassilopoulos from Robert James Lawyers; Stephanie your wonderful work and support is greatly appreciated.
A sincere thank you to Mr.Tarek Abdulnour and all his team from APD projects. You made our idea to become a reality , thank you for your great work and strong co-operation through the long journey until this project been completed.
Also, I would like to thank Mr Arthur Hazouri and Mr Jason Khouri from Statewide services , you did a great job.
A big thanks to Mr. Minh Tran and all GP support IT team for the fabulous work they have done.
Another thanks go to Mr Michael Smith and his team especially Calum for their extraordinary work. Ms Melinda Dawson and Mr John Perra from Melbourne Pathology thank you for your partnership, we look forward to work together , so we can provide the community with prestige service.
A big thank you to Mr Sami Yazy and his team for their brilliant design and work .
A very special thank goes to Mr. Sam Ogutucu. Sam, Your talent and organisation skills are second to none.
Thank you Mr Joseph Sassine, Owner Corporation Manger, we looking for a good relationship and co operation in the future.
Lastly , I’d like to thank all of you. Your presence means a lot to us and we can’t thank you enough with words.
Before I finish, I’d like to thank my business partner Dr Maged Boules who tolerated my stress for the last two years to get to this moment.
Our practice manager Mrs Nadia Siciliano, we may have got most of things but you are the one who put them together and finish unfinished things. we really appreciate your dedication and great job.
Dr Mihaela Guguila thank you for joining our team.
Thank you Dr. Rashmi Kumble for being a part of our team.
Dr. Kumble is unable to be here today as she is overseas but on her return she will be a part of the clinic team.
Thank you to our lovely receptionists Rebecca, Lamitta and Fiona and to our wonderful nurse Carly.
Please enjoy this afternoon with us and thank you once again.